Foodstuffs - Building Materials - Electronic - Cables



Structure architecture - roads,pridges and excavations



Preparation of computer system and programs


YemenCon Shipping & Logistics

YemenCon provides several logistics services in cooperation with many local and multinational companies including shipping, air freight, Sea Freight customs clearance, cargo delivery, delivery services, exchange, Marine Insurance , storage, distribution and heavy transport services


Production of detergents and disinfectants

Timetol - Clortime - Hydrogen - Spart - Jnestian - Yuvidlne - Mercuruchrome


Security and safety

Sell all its accessories


Yemen Con

Yemen Con provides transportation and logistics services throughout the Republic of Yemen by relying on cadress with experience in management.


Yemen Con work in many fields such as

Transportation and distribution to all the Yemeni provinces and we provide motor vehicles through multiple sizes according to customer needs acknowledgeed and providing armored transportation vehicle for VIP services


Refrigerated transportation services

Refrigerated transportation for foods that need a certain temperature in order to be kept in excellent conditions by using trucks that is specially equipped for this puspose.


Processing and managing stores and warehouse

work hard to provide integrated services to our customers by using all time and effort needed to insure the storage services ,these services are provided according to the cusomerd needs and demands


Logistics supervision

We check the readiness of customer's store ,this services reduce truck parking time which helps in avoiding and reducing the additional costs that the our customers may incur if the trucks are stopped for a longer period of time than the time schedule for the truck traffic .



A wide range of services to help our customers boost businesses' performance and improve their customer experience


- Foodstuffs

- Construction Materials

- Electrical & Electronics


- Architectural & Structural

- Roads & bridges

- Excavations

Software & Telecommunication

- Telecommunication services

- Financial and administrative systems

- Advertisement signboards

Shipping & Logistics

- Air and sea shipping

- Customs clearance

- Delivery services

Detergents and disinfectants

Productions and distribution of all kinds of detergents and disinfectants

Cleaning Services

Full cleaning services for private, governmental and commercial buildings

Security and safety

- Remote control systems

- Electronic gates & Surveillance systems

- Security guard customs & Bulletproof vest

Your goal - our goal

Our way

We Listen - Understand customer need - Implement solutions - Evaluate - Improve

project 9

Our Vision

To be the leading service and technology solutions provider in Yemen and the Middle East

Our Mission

As technology becomes the backbone of modern business, we aim to satisfy customers' needs by providing the best technology solution that helps them to speed up growth and performance

Company Objective

- Meet customers need and provide modern solutions

- Achieving the best levels of customer satisfaction

- Providing ongoing technical support

Post-sale service

Our services continue after the sale to ensure stability and quality of service through direct communication and a dedicated support team

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